Photomicrography is the technique of taking photographs through a microscope.
The following images illustrate the fusion of photography and microscopy. This method is widely used by researchers and medical personnel to share images with colleagues, or to publish new findings in journals. Photomicrography, however, does not have to stop there, it does not only have to serve as a scientific incentive - photomicrography can be abstract. 
A microscopist with an artistic craving can use this technique as a fantastic “Art” tool.  Abstract images with intriguing patterns, bold colors and a strong aesthetic appeal can be obtained by viewing microscopic crystals such as vitamins, fertilizer and other crystalline substances under crossed-polarized light.

Photomicrography is an excellent example where the two disciplines of art and science can come together in a symbiotic relationship.  I use the science to help me create images to express myself artistically; I don’t give a particular scientific value to my images. For me, the photomicrography of crystals is an outlet to create abstract images with aesthetic appeal.
As demonstrated with these images, the microscope serves as the gateway to a colorful, yet mysterious and seldom seen microworld

Many of the following photomicrographs have graced the covers of magazines, were published in calendars and have been shown at local, national and international exhibitions. Several of the crystal micrographs have also won awards in international photography competitions.

Note: All the colors that the crystals exhibit are due to the polarized light. It is a real representation of what I see through the microscope. No color manipulation (except minor contrast and levels adjustments in Photoshop) has been done. View version with the included Paypal shopping cart

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Vitamin C
"Psychadelic Dream"

"Simone's Heart"



Palmitic acid

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C
"Eternal Rainbow"

Folic acid

Vitamin C
"After Doomsday"